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We know the challenges are too great to be tackled by one party – collaboration and knowledge sharing between global networks is critical if we are to produce safe, resilient cities that can accommodate thriving, healthy communities.

Antonio GuterresDirector-General United Nations, 2022

The Great City Challenge

Today, according to the United Nations, 80% of the world is living in cities, and this figure is projected to increase.

The world is a crowded place, with the human population expected to reach 9 billion by mid-century.

Our city challenges are also great opportunities. Now more than ever, our cities are key to sustainable economies, environments and communities – with the built environment at their hearts.

With our race to Net Zero adding unprecedented pressure, structural change impacting many city-based sectors and the necessity for commerce & communities to collaborate better together, City-Squared was launched…

A collective, led by Co-Founder Jace Tyrrell, who brings together global experts to execute partnerships with civic leaders, commerce and communities to advance cities for the 21st Century.

Co Founder

Jace Tyrrell

During a 25-year career in Urban Regeneration, Destination Development  & Campaigning in Australia and the UK, Jace has led successful industry and precinct partnerships and holds the world record for Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). Jace has represented numerous businesses and employees, leveraging millions in funding and billions in capital investment.

His entire career has been spent in building meaningful collaborations and driving value across cities with businesses, working with Government at all levels and cultivating local communities. Jace very much looks forward to bringing his global network of experts and award-winning experiences to the Asia-Pacific region and global cities across Europe in the years ahead.

Jace is passionate about sustainable and innovative cities, commercial real estate and the retail & leisure sectors. He thrives in leading award-winning teams and working with purpose driven businesses. He is an Alumnus of the London Business School and Griffith University, Australia.


Two Decades ROI

Creating lasting value for business investors, city citizens and authorities


£100m in Dedicated Precinct Resources
Boosting Customer Sales & Asset Values


£9bn in Doubling Precinct Turnover
Through Outstanding Place Marketing, Experiences & Services


£225m in Regeneration Funds
Committed (Public & Private) for London’s Bond St, Mayfair, Oxford St


£20bn in Capital Investment
Place Champion for People First Sustainable Infrastructure